The Mixed Student Union

UC Berkeley's Mixed Student Union

Welcome! September 17, 2010

The Mixed Student Union (MSU) is the only student organization on the UC Berkeley campus devoted to the mixed race, multiethnic/multicultural, and transracial adoptee community. MSU provides a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for people of mixed heritage or those who are interested.

Fall 2010:

Welcome back to Berkeley everyone!! We’re all looking forward to a great semester hanging out with you. Keep checking this website, our facebook page, and your email for upcoming events. If you would like to be added to our listserv, send us an email as


What do interns do?

Interns are expected to attend general and core meetings (usually once or twice a week). They will get to learn about how MSU is run as an organization and help put on events. At the end of the semester, they can run for a position for the following semester. If they already have a position in mind, they should make sure to learn from the current position holder.

When can a member become an intern?

Anytime in the semester

How does one become an intern?

Talk to a current officer or send us an email. It’s THAT easy!

Hosted by the OCF


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